Tourism has become a global phenomenon with a multifaceted impact on human life andsociety. Thus, it plays a significant role in a development strategy of many world destinations as an engine of prosperity. Tourism related activities have enhanced massive movement of people, goods and ideas.

We cannot have much impact on this massive quantity of tourism stream which moves by inertion. Though we wish to improve quality of experience and feel enlightment. We are determined to make a difference by creating a niche of travel connosseurs to emerge from the cliche’tourism today.

We envision our travel concept by defining leisure satisfaction as sum of creative interactions. Our niche tourism is activity which enriches lives through social and natural interactions. We see it both, as leisure and action, a learning challenge and cultural interaction, mutual understanding and meaningful exchange of ideas.

Our mission is to contribute to the enriching and responsible tourism related activities, guided by high business integrity and ethics, and based onthe principlesof: professionalism, reliability and excellence.

The strengths of our team approach:

 Knowledge and experience at micro, macro and interdisciplinary level
 Target multi-focus adaptability
 Response to a task at short notice
 Task realisation at short deadlines

We are ready to prove it !